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Choose your Transfer Agent wisely

A Transfer Agent and Registrar is an independent administrator of securities for public and private companies. We issue and deliver certificates and DRS statements to shareholders and clear securities for brokers on behalf of shareholders through Canadian Depository for Securities(Canada) and Depository Trust Corporation(USA). We also assist with DTC Eligibility, AGM planning and execution, and many other services.

You no longer have to pay two transfer agents for cross border listed companies.  National is the ONLY Transfer Agent in the World that is both a CDS(Canada) and DTC FAST DRS DWAC(USA) Transfer Agent Participant under one corporation.  This means that issuers only have to appoint one transfer agent to clear securities in Canada and USA. 

No rush fees - don't pay more for exceptional service that you should expect

National is the Transfer Agency to choose.  In Canada, there are only a handful of transfer agents to choose from.  In the U.S.A, there are more than 350. 

TOP reasons why our clients continue to use National as their transfer agency and why you should too.

  1. NO rush fees - Same day turnaround & Walk-in while you wait service

  2. NO setup fees

  3. NO monthly escrow fees

  4. NO termination fees

  5. NO account suspension on overdue accounts OR account reactivation fees

  6. $0 Cross Border Transfer Agent fees (DTC FAST fees apply but not required)

  7. $0 Shareholder and certified shareholder lists ( Portal)

  8. $0 House Position Reports ( Portal)

  9. $0 Capital Activity Reports ( Portal)

  10. $0 Online Voting System ( Portal)

  11. $0 OTC Verified by Transfer Agent service

  12. $0 Evening and Weekend Call Number available

  13. Our fees are value based.

  14. DTC Eligibility is not complicated by unnecessary legal opinions.

  15. Our management doesn't have a history of selling their companies to the transfer agent you wanted to get away from



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Canadian stock transfer agent

National is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada and specializes in serving Issuers listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange and Private Issuers planning to list their shares on an exchange or listing service.

Annual General Meeting Planning

Providing full annual general meeting services and training to our issuer clients.  Every AGM task is assigned differently for Issuers.  National will provide all functions, or provide functions that the Issuer does not want to do themselves, or train Issuers all aspects of coordinating and implementing their AGM.

annual general & special meetings

We can manage your AGM from start to finish. 
You prepare your company materials

We do everything else including:

  1. Setting dates

  2. Filing Notices

  3. Request NOBO Lists

  4. Print & Mail

  5. Online Voting

  6. Proxy Tabulation

  7. Scrutineer

Save your money.  Most small cap issuer meetings cost under $3,500 including printing and mailing. (not including legal/admin costs to prepare materials or purchase NOBO lists)


U.S. Stock Transfer Agency

Servicing U.S. Listed and private Issuers as well as Issuers seeking DTC Eligibility and dual listing their shares.  Many U.S. Issuers co-list on the Canadian Securities Exchange.  National makes the Transfer Agent requirement easy with reasonable fees.

National is the ONLY Canadian DTC FAST Transfer Agent.  National is also the ONLY DTC FAST DRS DWAC(U.S) & CDS(CA) Transfer Agent.  Therefore, National is the ONLY Transfer Agent in the World that can offer both Canadian and U.S. transfer agent services without having to appoint two transfer agencies or pay double the fees.  (Note:  FAST service is not required for cross border listings.  DTC FAST fees apply.)

Escrow agent

Providing Escrow services to existing issuer clients.  Listing requirements may require the insiders to engage an escrow agent.  National makes this easy and extremely cost effective compared to the competition.

OTC Markets Verified by Transfer Agent

Issuers with shares listed  on the OTC Markets can take advantage of the OTC Markets Shares Verified by Transfer Agent Program which ensures accuracy of the capital structure displayed on  This program is implemented between the OTC Markets and the Transfer Agent.  There are no fees for this service.


National offers full Warrant Agent services with no monthly fees including listed warrants. Warrants can be exercised INSTANTLY through CDS electronic connectivity.

SEDAR filing agent

Providing full SEDAR filing services at reasonable filing fees.  There is no need to pay monthly or annual package fees and our single filing fees are as low as $50 for quarterly filings.


Some transfer agents make you pay two seperate transfer agent fees for U.S. and Canada transfer agent services.  National is both a CDS Transfer Agent Participant and a DTC FAST DWAC DRS Transfer Agent Participant so there is no need to pay double agent fees.

What is DTC FAST / DWAC?

National is the ONLY Canadian DTC FAST Transfer Agent.

The Depository Trust Company’s (DTC) Deposit and Withdrawal at Custodian (DWAC) service provides participants with the ability to make electronic book-entry deposits and withdrawals of eligible securities into and out of their DTC book-entry accounts using a Fast Automated Securities Transfer service (FAST) transfer agent as the distribution point.


We must never stop demonstrating our appreciation for the opportunity our clients give us to serve them.
— David Eppert, CEO

We are changing the Transfer Agent business by allowing issuers to
clearly see value in every dollar they spend on transfer agent services



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