For your convenience, we offer online invoice payments by credit card.  

If you have your invoice number for a NATIONAL SECURITIES ADMINISTRATORS LTD. invoice, you can pay your invoice here.

IMPORTANT:  IMPORTANT: If your invoice is denominated in U.S. dollars, please use this currency converter to convert to Canadian dollars.

You may wish to utilize our online payment option to settle your invoice. If you do not have your invoice number or amount owing, please contact our office at 604-559-8880 and we will provide you with the account information you need to pay your invoice.

National Securities Administrators Ltd. will also accept payments by cheque, credit card, or by interact(at our office only), in person or by phone.

Please note that payments are taken through a third party service and while we do endeavor to use only services with high privacy standards, our privacy policy will no longer apply once you leave our website. We recommend that you review the privacy statements of any third party website we may link to in order to learn how your information may be collected, used, shared, and disclosed.