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Canadian & U.S. Stock Transfer Agent & Registrar

National is a transfer agency operated from a client's perspective.

About National

National was formed in 2015 by management operating a company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange as well as on the OTC Markets listing service.  The company had two transfer agencies, it's original U.S. agent and a Canadian Co-Agent as required by the Canadian Securities Exchange.  The company was in a position that it had to pay two transfer agencies while only one could act as agent in most cases.  Both transfer agencies had very high termination fees and the company was being charged in U.S. and Canadian dollars.

The President of the company decided that he wasn't happy with the billing practices of these transfer agencies so he formed National.  National has built its reputation on providing services that issuers want and need rather than services that had fees based on precedent that transfer agencies have been getting away with for many years.  National does not charge termination fees and communicates with the issuers to be sure that they are getting the services they want and need at the rates they can afford and agree are fair.

National Securities Administrators Ltd. is regulated by the SEC - Securities and Exchange Commission, and reports to CDS - Canadian Depository for Securities as well as DTC - Depository Trust Corporation. 

National Securities Administrators Ltd. (formerly National Issuer Services Ltd.) changed its name on April 1, 2019. Call us anytime if you have any questions.

National is the ONLY Canadian DTC FAST Transfer Agent.


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canadian transfer agent and registrar services


Canadian listed companies require a CDS transfer agent.  National is a CDS Transfer Agent Participant serving Private issuers and their shareholders as well as companies with their shares listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

National understands the needs of issuers and their very different needs.  This understanding has allowed National to build a very broad range of services for listed issuers including issuers that are listed in different jurisdictions.  National can facilitate the administration of securities in Canada through CDS (Canadian Depository for Securities) as well as in the United States (Depository Trust Corporation)


CDS Transfer Agent Participant

DTC FAST DRS Transfer Agent Participant


National provides full SEDAR and EDGAR Filing Agent Services.

We charge for our time for filing.  We do not offer packaged filing services due to the dynamics of what is being filed.


SEDAR Filing Fees

$50 per filing which includes all below:

Financial Statements

Management Discussion & Analysis


Filed on SEDAR and CSE


Based on filing time and disbursements

Annual General Meeting Services

National provides full AGM and Special meeting services including planning, printing, mailing, notices, proxy tabulation, online voting, scrutineer services. 

Since the AGM process is one of the most expensive services issuers face each year, National will also train your staff, AT NO CHARGE, how to perform all AGM activities in order to reduce overall costs.


Meeting Planning

National will assist in the overall planning and preparation of your annual meetings.


• Notice of Meeting on SEDAR
• Notice of Meeting with CDS
• Printing Services
• Mailing Services
• Proxy Tabulation
• Scrutineer Services